We are leaders in design, development and production of integral plastic injection solutions, with specialization on automotive and domestic appliance industries.

We have presence in Houston, Saltillo and State of Mexico.

Our services:

Engineering Plastics Specialists

In-mold labeling

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Overmolding: plastic injection over metallic pieces

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2D, 3D Product Design and GOM Scanner

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Mold Manufacturing and Repair Workshop

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Why trust us?

  • 100% on-time deliveries during 2015.
  • World Class Plastic Injection (T.S. Certification).
  • Downtime minimization through immediate mold repair and maintenance.
  • Plastic Injection using “Scientific Molding Process”.
  • More than 40 years of experience handling engineering resins.
  • Consultancy on achieving savings when transforming metal parts into plastic.

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